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Cat's Classic is held at Sutak Raceway, a historic motocross track in Alamosa, Colorado. Even though many young riders have never heard of this facility, local racer and promoter Dwight Catalano has hosted dozens of events here. Most of these events were not sanctioned.

The track was originally started by land owner Mark Sutak and Catalano in 1972. The local motocross club wanted to host Enduro promotions instead of SRAC races. Catalano and Sutak took over with the help of local civic organizations. In 1979, the State Championship was held here for an unprecedented purse worth $10,000. After a relative boom in the 1970s, bike sales fell dramatically during the recession of the 1980s and Sutak Raceway was forced to close. Except for an occasional bootleg race, the track saw little action until 1991 when the SRAC subcontracted a race there. The Masters of Motocross series followed in the 1990s, in which Kevin Foley won the Vet Pro featured class.

Catalano, realizing the track's training potential, has maintained Sutak Raceway for years and credits his success to its unique surface. An old sand pit for US Highway 285's construction, it is fast and rough. Every straight and long radius turn has natural whoops that measure ten feet from crown to crown. And while the track may start out smooth, the bumpy surface always reappears. Braking bumps start at the end of the straights, which are wide and naturally damp from the ground water just below the surface. Because sand does not hold technical jumps very well, the track tends toward table tops, simple doubles and mild triples.

Sutak Raceway is guaranteed to make a novice out of most competitors. It is a fun and physically demanding track. Cat's Classic is now Colorado's only AMA Pro Am, a race for aspiring racers who want to earn their professional AMA license. With longer motos, a rougher track, and a guaranteed $3,000 purse for the 250 and 450 Pro classes as required by the AMA.. And as Jeff Greenwood proclaims, it's quickly becoming a favorite among Colorado riders:

"Alamosa - You want motocross? Go to this race! Naturally forming sand whoops everywhere you go. If you find smooth lines, let me know. I raced here many years ago and was hoping that it would come back!"

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